Conductive Education is a unique system specifically designed for people with movement disorders.

Within Conductive Education we believe that everyone has potential to learn. For children who are hitting the age appropriate milestones of development at the correct times learning these skills is automatic; they do not need to be broken down. However, for children with cerebral palsy and other motor delay conditions, skills need to be taught until they can also become automatic.

As Conductors, we look at the potential of these children and look at the next stage of learning. No step is too big or too small; from gaining head control to being able to take their first independent steps, we work with the child on their exciting journey to successful development; motivating them to work towards their never-ending new level of potential.

The same is said for adults with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Brain Injury and adult Cerebral Palsy. For adults who have lost skills due to a form of brain damage we work with them, one step at a time, to start to regain the independence that has been lost. We break down different every day skills to teach the “hows” and then build the skills back while ensuring learning has taken place. We use a variety of different tools to do this, each tool is unique to the different conditions.  Due to our extensive knowledge of adult movement disorders we are able to offer relevant advice and support, while encouraging active movement and progression.

Cerebral Palsy

Within Conductive Education we have an excellent depth of knowledge around the types of Cerebral Palsy and how to create learning programmes which allow the adult or child to reach new levels of independence.

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Parkinson's Disease

Conductive Education is able to improve and manage symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through unique programmes and ways of teaching.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Those who practice Conductive Education have an excellent understanding of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and its symptoms.  We create unique programmes either individually or as a group to take individuals with Multiple Sclerosis through tasks in a variety of positions while learning to use our voice at a particular rhythm to help movement.

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Through our Stroke sessions we are able to create dynamic learning opportunities to reteach our brain how to move; breaking down skills such as standing and walking and rebuilding confidence to practice and master skills again.

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Our Conductor at Naomi’s Garden has a very good understanding of Dyspraxia; how to recognize it and how to improve the symptoms that come with it. Through both group and individual sessions we work alongside the child to firstly improve self worth and self esteem.

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Genetic Conditions

Due to how we work in Conductive Education, using our observations and believing in a child’s potential, we are able to support and advise children with different chromosome and genetic disorders.  We believe that every single child can learn regardless of diagnosis.

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Movement Disorders

Conductive Education seeks to create learning opportunities for all children and adults with movement disorders to grasp hold of future potential and take an active part in their journey towards success.

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Before my son started having CE with Sarah he had no way of moving around, however since practising every week raising his bum in the air and pushing with his feet he can now navigate his way around the room pushing with his legs and sliding on his back. This has given him freedom to get around the room & get up to serious mischief!


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