Dyspraxia is often misunderstood and therefore often goes undiagnosed.  However, we are seeing more and more children showing the signs of dyspraxia in our school systems.  These symptoms include clumsiness, poor fine and gross motor skills, an inability to sit still, a lack of concentration skills and poor communication.  Within the school environment this can be a major blockage in the average classroom setting.  We see many children fall behind in mainstream without an understanding why.

Our Conductor at Naomi’s Garden has a very good understanding of Dyspraxia; how to recognize it and how to improve the symptoms that come with it. Through both group and individual sessions we work alongside the child to firstly improve self worth and self esteem. Often, we find that children who have dyspraxia suffer with low self-worth and esteem, due to them believing they are “just clumsy” or just “not getting it”.  This couldn’t be further from the truth! We therefore create programmes that create learning opportunities for children with dyspraxia to feel safe and achieve success.  These tasks can include ball games, tasks around body awareness and balance, handwriting and fine manipulation skills, listening and focusing tasks and speech and communication tasks.

We see our children flourish very quickly as they find themselves coming in-tune with what they would like their bodies to do.  We also can come into schools to help train and provide Conductive Education to any students with dyspraxia too.  Conductive Education is a very effective therapy for children with dyspraxia and is something we very much enjoy providing.

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