Here at Naomi’s Garden we have several children who attend our services who have genetic and chromosome conditions.  Each different condition has its own symptoms and effect children very differently. Due to how we work in Conductive Education, using our observations and believing in a child’s potential, we are able to support and advise children with different chromosome and genetic disorders.  We believe that every single child can learn regardless of diagnosis. We therefore teach the children skills that are needed to reach their developmental milestones in their own time while looking at their potential and guiding them through step by step.

Regardless of your child’s diagnosis we will work along side you through our unique Conductive Education programmes to ensure your child has a safe space to learn through exploration and play.  Currently we have children attend Naomi’s Garden who have been diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, Chromosome deletion syndrome, 4p duplication, terminal deletion, and many others.

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My little boy enjoys his sessions with Sarah and she knows how to get the best out of him. His attention is improving and he is eager to know what she has planned next. He loves to show us what he has been doing in the session.


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