A stroke can have a very sudden and devastating impact on someone’s life.  We recognise the hopelessness a stroke can cause.  We are able to come along side you, not only in a supportive way but also to enable you to regain levels of independence and movement.

Through our Stroke sessions we are able to create dynamic learning opportunities to reteach our brain how to move; breaking down skills such as standing and walking and rebuilding confidence to practice and master skills again. We understand every stroke is very different, whether it’s the side of the brain that as been impacted, or the type of stroke.  We are able to support you on your journey to regain and rebuild your life through the unique programmes Conductive Education provides.  We believe that recovery for Stroke Survivor’s is an ongoing learning process which, through Conductive Education, we are able to guide you through.

We believe rehabilitation does not need to be limited to a certain time frame.  The brain can continue to change and develop through repetitive tasks and learning.  In 2016 the Institute of Conductive Education ran a research project to show this, which you can see here (link opens in new window). This research backs up our practice in sessions for Stroke Survivors.

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