Parkinson’s is caused by a lack of dopamine in the brain. This happens when some of the cells in the brain that produces the chemical dopamine start to die and are unfortunately lost over time.  Parkinson’s (PD) is one of the fasting growing neurological disorders in the UK.  It effects each person differently, but often they will share a number of generic symptoms such as a tremor, slowness of movement, and stiffness.

Conductive Education is able to improve and manage symptoms of Parkinson’s  through unique programmes and ways of teaching. We believe every individual can learn regardless of diagnosis; this includes Parkinson’s.  Through empowering individuals to use their voices to help initiate their movements, imparting Conductive strategies we are able to share,  having unique insight and understanding of an individual with Parkinson’s learning process, and understanding the journey the individual has gone on so far, we are able to put together a supportive and dynamic programme which will cover both generic Parkinson’s aims and individual ones too.

We have had much success in seeing individuals overcome their symptoms and continue to live an independent life through applying the Conductive Education Principles we teach and share during CE sessions.  Parkinson’s sessions can be delivered both in small groups and in individual sessions. Either way, we find CE and PD go hand in hand to see our individual’s flourish.

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Conductive Education delivered by Sarah teaches strategies to overcome symptoms of Parkinson's


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