Catering for children and families affected by a vast range of additional needs including autism, attachment disorder, sensory processing disorders, global developmental delay and behavioural difficulties as well as those with complex and multiple diagnoses; and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Naomi’s Garden Educational Consultancy Service offers a wealth of first-hand experience working with children with these or other learning difficulties. Operating through the lens of sensory impairments, our Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher specialises in addressing challenges to behaviour, attention, and cognitive ability, through scrutiny of children’s unique sensory processing capabilities and need.

Parents' Forum

Having a child with additional needs can be challenging and a lonely place within a family and/or community. Naomi’s Garden Parents’ Forum recognises the need for support networks to be established and maintained for parents, throughout a child’s life into adulthood.

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Family Liaison and Educational Welfare

The Family Liaison and Educational Welfare service works from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint gathering information from parents, the child, school and outside agencies, such as the speech and language service, and offers families the opportunity to address challenging issues related to education, behaviour, social relationships, mental health and well-being within a school setting or at home.

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Intervention Advisory Service

Naomi’s Garden School Intervention Advisory Service offers schools the opportunity to work with our experienced Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teacher, in an advisory capacity, through pupil observations and a support strategy report or in a teaching capacity, one to one or small group work.

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If asked which teacher made the greatest positive impact on our daughter’s learning, we would say unreservedly ‘Vanessa’! Our daughter began reading and made more accelerated progress, with her reading, than at any other time.

Merelina Houghton - Mother


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