Naomi’s Garden runs sessions for children and adults with movement disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Dyspraxia.  We also run sessions for Stroke Survivors, children with hypermobility and genetic and chromosome disorders too.  Conductive Education seeks to create learning opportunities for all children and adults with movement disorders to grasp hold of future potential and take an active part in their journey towards success. This will look very different for each condition and person.

The atmosphere within a Conductive Session is charged with belief trust and expectation.  As we see our children and adults move into an excitement of believing in themselves, we see them go beyond expectations.  Through the Conductive Education Principles we guide our individuals through their sessions and their life long journey of learning and therefore achieving what they didn’t believe was possible.

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Before my son started having CE with Sarah he had no way of moving around, however since practising every week raising his bum in the air and pushing with his feet he can now navigate his way around the room pushing with his legs and sliding on his back. This has given him freedom to get around the room & get up to serious mischief!


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