The Family Liaison and Educational Welfare service works from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint gathering information from parents, the child, school and outside agencies, such as the speech and language service, and offers families the opportunity to address challenging issues related to education, behaviour, social relationships, mental health and well-being within a school setting or at home.

The service seeks to work with children who are academically, behaviourally and/or socially falling behind their peer group.

It provides parents with strategies to support children’s interpersonal relationships and behaviour at home and at school; to establish stereotypical responses to social situations.

Assessment, reporting and monitoring progress are all part of the service, along with one to one tuition or, in some cases, group intervention programmes. All are specifically designed to bridge gaps in learning and support challenging behaviour.

Having a professional history of Research and Enquiry, our SEN teacher offers an opportunity to be creative and respond to the needs of children as individuals, by creating teaching and learning materials which reflect their unique needs. In some cases, this includes creating resources or schemes of work which are personal to an individual in order to bring about greater learning opportunities.

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Vanessa got to know our daughter and found out what was important in her world, and she had used that as a starting point to engage her. On arriving home she took out her reading cards and exclaimed, with such a sense of achievement: “I did it!”

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