Naomi’s Garden School Intervention Advisory Service offers schools the opportunity to work with our experienced Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teacher, in an advisory capacity, through pupil observations and a support strategy report or in a teaching capacity, one to one or small group work. Our SEN teacher will work with Headteachers, teachers and teaching assistants to advise on environmental adaptations, differentiation of classroom activities, intervention programmes, sensory impairment modifications etc, for those pupils who are deemed challenging or failing to thrive. (Please see the personal profile of our SEN teacher for more information)

The School Intervention Advisory Service offers whole school seminars and workshops about SEN Teaching in Practise – ‘Signs and Signals that Support is Needed’, alongside more focused topic areas, such as; ‘An Alternative Approach to Differentiation’, ‘Empowering Teaching Assistants’, or ‘Sensory Processing and Adaptations to Pupil Timetables’.

It is the intention of the School Intervention Advisory Service to create bespoke training or intervention programmes, that address the additional needs of the pupils within each setting, arranged through dialogue with Headteachers and teachers.

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You are an invaluable member of our school family and it’s thanks to you that so many people have discovered that they even have a light! And I love seeing you show them how to let their light shine!

Fiona Booth - Headteacher


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